Easy Red Chili Crema – Add a Tangy Kick to Your Meals

Red Chili Crema is a versatile and vibrant condiment that can add a delightful zing to any dish. As the seasons change and we find ourselves craving flavors that are both comforting and exciting, this crema has become a staple in my kitchen. It’s the kind of recipe that warms you from the inside out, perfect for those days when the air has a crispness to it that whispers of the coming fall.

On Foodies of New England, we’re all about celebrating the rich tapestry of flavors that our region has to offer, and this Red Chili Crema is no exception. It’s a testament to the power of good food to bring comfort, spark joy, and gather people around the table. So, let’s embark on this culinary journey together, and discover how a simple condiment can transform your meals and maybe even your mood.

Red Chili Crema

Red Chili Crema

Red Chili Crema

Mix ingredients in a bowl, chill. Enjoy the creamy and spicy goodness!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine French
Servings 1 serving
Calories 235 kcal


  • 1 bowl


  • 16 oz mayonnaise
  • 6 oz sriracha
  • ¼ cup lime juice
  • salt
  • cayenne


  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl and chill.



Feel free to adjust the spice level by adding more or less red chili, based on your preference. Prepare it ahead of time and let it chill for enhanced flavor.
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Cooking Tips

Red Chili Crema

Red Chili Crema is a versatile and vibrant condiment that can add a delightful zing to a variety of dishes. Its creamy texture and the warmth of the chili create a beautiful dance of comfort and excitement on the palate. The process of making Red Chili Crema is relatively simple, yet it allows for a personal touch, as one can adjust the level of heat and seasoning to suit their taste.

The base of the crema typically involves sour cream or Mexican crema, which provides a rich and smooth canvas for the flavors to meld. The choice of red chilies is crucial; they should have a bright color and a fresh, spicy aroma. Roasting the chilies can enhance their natural sweetness and add a subtle smokiness that deepens the overall flavor profile. The act of blending the roasted chilies with the cream is almost meditative, as one watches the colors swirl into a uniform, inviting hue.

Adding a squeeze of lime juice not only brings a refreshing acidity but also heightens the other flavors, creating a more dynamic taste experience. A pinch of salt can further draw out the nuances of the crema, making it a perfect complement to dishes that might benefit from a creamy yet piquant addition.

When tasting the Red Chili Crema, there’s an initial coolness from the cream, quickly followed by the gentle heat of the chili which spreads warmly through the mouth. It’s a comforting sensation, reminiscent of cozy evenings or lively gatherings where food is a means of bringing people together.

The Best Way to Serve Red Chili Crema

Red Chili Crema

Serving Red Chili Crema can transform a simple meal into an event that stirs the senses and warms the soul. The vibrant hue of the crema itself is a visual promise of the flavor to come, and it invites a moment of admiration before it’s even tasted. When drizzling this luscious condiment over dishes, one might feel a sense of artistry, as the bold streaks of red add a dramatic flair to the presentation.

The crema’s rich texture and the warmth of the chili provide a comforting contrast to cooler dishes, such as crisp salads or chilled seafood. It’s particularly delightful when the crema is served alongside a dish that allows its flavors to be the star, such as a simple grilled chicken or roasted vegetables. The heat from the chili should be just enough to elicit a gentle warmth in the palate, a cozy embrace that enhances without overwhelming.

Imagine the crema as part of a shared meal, where its presence on the table is a topic of conversation, sparking discussions about its ingredients and the gentle heat it brings. Serving it in a beautiful bowl with a spoon or ladle allows guests to add as much or as little as they like, catering to their individual tastes and creating a personalized experience.

Pairing the Red Chili Crema with a cooling drink, perhaps a cucumber-infused water or a light beer, can offer a refreshing counterpoint to its spiciness. As people reach for the crema, adding dollops to their plates, there’s a palpable sense of indulgence and pleasure. The act of sharing the crema fosters a warm, convivial atmosphere, where each addition of the sauce to a dish is an opportunity for guests to savor the moment and the company.


Red Chili Crema

Here are some frequently asked questions about Red Chili Crema:

  • How spicy is Red Chili Crema? The spiciness of the crema can vary depending on the type and amount of chili used. It can be adjusted to suit individual preferences, ranging from mildly spicy to quite hot.
  • Can I make Red Chili Crema without sour cream? Yes, you can substitute sour cream with Greek yogurt or Mexican crema for a lighter version. Vegan alternatives like cashew or coconut-based creams can also be used for a dairy-free option.
  • How long does homemade Red Chili Crema last? When stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator, homemade Red Chili Crema can last up to a week. Always check for freshness before using it if it’s been stored for a few days..
  • Can Red Chili Crema be frozen for later use? Freezing may alter the texture of the crema due to the dairy content, so it’s not recommended. It’s best enjoyed fresh or used within the refrigeration period.
  • How can I make my Red Chili Crema more flavorful? Consider adding lime zest, smoked paprika, cumin, or fresh herbs to enhance the flavor. Roasting the chilies before blending can also deepen the taste.

In conclusion, the Red Chili Crema is a versatile and vibrant addition to any culinary enthusiast’s repertoire, as highlighted by Foodies of New England. Its rich, creamy texture paired with the warmth of the chili provides a delightful contrast that can elevate a variety of dishes. Whether drizzled over tacos, swirled into soups, or used as a dipping sauce, this crema has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The beauty of such a condiment lies in its simplicity and the depth of flavor it brings to the table. It’s a testament to the creativity and passion for food that Foodies of New England celebrates

By incorporating this Red Chili Crema into your meals, you invite a piece of culinary artistry into your kitchen, offering a taste experience that is both comforting and exciting. It’s a reminder that great food is not just about sustenance but about the joy and adventure that comes with exploring new flavors and sharing them with others. Visit Foodies of New England for more inspiration and to discover other ways to bring the zest and zeal of our food scene into your own cooking adventures.

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