Foodies of New England is a total ‘foodie’ experience, comprised of an online TV show, a live annual food competition (Worcester’s Best Chef competition), and a magazine.  Foodies TV shows features a different local chef in each episode, who, along with the show’s host, shows viewers how to make that chef’s signature dish in an easy, common-sense way.

Foodies Live (Worcester’s Best Chef competition) spotlights the best culinary talent in the central New England region and takes place every January at Mechanics Hall in downtown Worcester.  Showcasing competition-grade culinary creations, this event invites foodies to vote their palate in the popular People’s Choice Award, and find out if their taste matches the judges’ choices!

Foodies Magazine is a high-gloss, beautiful publication focused on the cuisine scene throughout New England, focusing on featured chefs, restaurants, farms, culinary trends and other food-related organizations and happenings in our unique region, accented by scores of delicious and easy-to-follow recipes in each feature story.  Plus, Foodies Magazine has more than 10 regular department writers who cover everything from Gluten Free to Dessert to your favorite Craft Beer and Wine.

Just as a good student has a thirst for knowledge, a true foodie wants to learn everything about great food. Does that mean you have to know the difference between a beefsteak tomato and an heirloom tomato? Not necessarily. But, what you do need is a passion for excellent food and the desire to learn more about it.

At Foodies of New England, our mission is to fuel that passion. By giving readers insightful, behind-the-scenes features and culinary secrets of the best chefs in the region, we aim to satiate, inspire and educate. Whether you’re after exotic cocktails, boisterous beers, eclectic wines, outrageous pastries, glamorous gourmet dishes, sensational sushi recipes, fragrant fruit recipes or a table full of relaxing comfort food, Foodies intend to keep you informed of the hottest trends in cuisine, beverages and dining. We’ll be your go-to guide for dining out, your secret weapon in the kitchen and your Sunday afternoon read.

What People are Saying

As a child growing up working by my dad’s side, we would spend countless days and nights visiting and selling local markets within the greater New Bedford area. These are the markets you refer to in your article. My love and passion of those experiences were reawakened as I traveled through Europe and Asia and other parts of the world. The true definition of local, regional still exists with these hard working families. Thank you for your recognition. Every customer deserves to be treated as an individual; Every ingredient needs to be respected for what it is, how it was grown, where it was produced and ultimately how it was consumed.” –Dr. Henry B. Wainer


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