Dried Pasta with Ice Cream – An Unconventional Sweet Pasta Dish

As the gentle hum of the kitchen fades and the sunlight wanes to a soft glow here, I find myself reflecting on the wonder of culinary experimentation. Seasonal shifts inspire not only the colors and textures of our landscapes but also the canvas of our plates. It’s in this spirit of playful innovation that I, Christopher Rovezzi, hesitantly, yet with a dash of excitement, introduce an unorthodox pairing to my dear Foodies of New England readers — the whimsical combination of dried pasta with ice cream.

Join me, then, as we set aside our culinary preconceptions and embark on a playful journey that marries the robust beauty of tradition with the sparkling allure of innovation. Let us savor the marriage of warmth and cold, of chew and melt, of Italy and America, in a dish that stands as a testament to the joyous mélange that is Dried Pasta with Ice Cream.Dried Pasta with Ice Cream

Dried Pasta with Ice Cream

Dried Pasta with Ice Cream

Fry pasta nests until dark brown, drain on paper towels. Dust with powdered sugar. Enjoy crispy, sweet garnish with ice cream or as a standalone snack. Simple and versatile treat for any occasion!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine Italian
Servings 2 people
Calories 371 kcal


  • 1 pot
  • paper towels
  • kitchen tongs


  • 1 Package dried pasta Angel Hair, or anything thin.
  • hot oil
  • ice cream Your favorite flavor.
  • powdered sugar or cinnamon, nutmeg, or brown sugar.
  • ice cream topping Your favorite topping
  • your favorite fruit


  • Holding one of the pasta nests with kitchen tongs, submerge the pasta in the oil, holding it below the surface until it turns dark brown. Remove from oil and place on paper towels.
  • While still hot, dust the pasta with powdered sugar or whatever sweetener you like. THAT'S IT!
  • You have just created a crispy, sweet garnish that can be used in any number of applications. If you’re like me, you’ll end up eating it by itself. It’s a great snack on its own.



Be sure to use dried pasta nests, as they hold their shape well during frying.
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Cooking Tips

Dried Pasta with Ice Cream

Embarking on the culinary adventure of combining dried pasta with ice cream, one must approach the kitchen with both a light heart and an open mind. The process is as much about the journey as it is about the destination, and it’s important to remember that joy can be found in the playful act of creation itself.

When selecting your pasta, consider shapes that will cradle the ice cream well — perhaps the hollows of orecchiette or the ridges of fusilli. These forms not only hold onto sauces traditionally but can also serve as delightful nests for our creamy counterpart. Cooking the pasta to just the right point of al dente is crucial; it should offer a pleasant resistance to the bite, providing a textural counterpoint to the softness of the ice cream.

As for the ice cream, think about flavors that complement rather than overwhelm. A simple vanilla bean can be sublime, or perhaps a caramel swirl for those who favor a hint of richness. The temperature contrast is key here: the slight warmth of the pasta gently melting the ice cream creates a sauce-like consistency that envelops each strand in its sweet embrace.

In terms of technique, timing is everything. Serve the Dried Pasta with Ice Cream immediately after draining (and perhaps a quick toss in a touch of olive oil for a hint of savory depth) and add the ice cream directly atop the steaming mound. This allows for the perfect melding of temperatures and textures.

Garnishes should be chosen with care — a sprinkle of sea salt can heighten the sweetness, a drizzle of high-quality olive oil can add complexity, and a scattering of fresh herbs might introduce a refreshing note. Each addition should be thoughtful, enhancing the dish without overshadowing the delicate balance we aim to achieve.

Throughout the cooking process, maintain a spirit of curiosity and playfulness. Allow yourself to be surprised by the flavors and to delight in the unexpected harmony they create. Dried Pasta with Ice Cream is a celebration of contrasts and a reminder that sometimes, the most unlikely combinations can lead to the most delightful results.

The Best Way to Serve Dried Pasta with Ice Cream

Dried Pasta with Ice Cream

When it comes time to serve our avant-garde dish of Dried Pasta with Ice Cream, the presentation is as integral to the experience as the flavors themselves. The moment of unveiling this playful creation to guests or even just to yourself should be done with a sense of ceremony and anticipation, akin to the revealing of an artwork that’s both familiar and novel.

Imagine the plates before you, the steam rising gently from the perfectly cooked pasta, creating a delicate fog that seems to whisper secrets of the flavors to come. Upon this warm bed, place a generous scoop of your chosen ice cream, watching as it begins to meld with the pasta, its edges softening, inviting you to indulge in the first bite.

The choice of serving ware can add to the narrative of Dried Pasta with Ice Cream. A rustic ceramic bowl might speak to the grounded tradition of pasta, while a sleek, modern plate could nod to the innovative nature of the ice cream pairing. The juxtaposition of old and new, classic and contemporary, is echoed in the dish itself.

As you guide your guests through this culinary exploration, encourage them to pause and savor the interplay of temperatures and textures. The initial coolness of the ice cream giving way to the warmth of the pasta, the firmness of the pasta softened by the creamy sweetness — it’s a dance of sensations that deserves to be appreciated slowly, deliberately.

Consider the setting as well; a backdrop that complements the dish’s whimsy would be ideal. Perhaps an outdoor table dressed with simple linens under the open sky, or a cozy nook with dim lighting that allows the dish to shine as the star. The environment should invite comfort and curiosity, much like the dish itself.

In terms of accompaniments, a light, effervescent beverage could cleanse the palate between bites, such as a sparkling water with a twist of lemon or a crisp prosecco. The goal is to enhance the dining experience without overwhelming the unique combination at the heart of the meal.


Dried Pasta with Ice Cream

FAQs about Dried Pasta with Ice Cream

  • How do you ensure the pasta and ice cream pair well together? Choosing the right type of pasta and ice cream is key. Opt for pasta shapes that can hold the ice cream, and select ice cream flavors that are complementary, not overpowering. The goal is to achieve a balance where both elements enhance each other.
  • Isn’t the combination of hot pasta and cold ice cream unappetizing? While it may seem unconventional, the contrast between the warm, al dente pasta and the cool, melting ice cream creates a delightful sensory experience. The key is to serve it immediately to enjoy the interplay of temperatures.
  • What are some recommended pasta shapes for this dish? Pasta shapes with hollows or ridges, such as orecchiette or fusilli, work well as they create little pockets for the ice cream to nestle into.
  • Can any flavor of ice cream be used in Dried Pasta with Ice Cream? While you can experiment with various flavors, it’s best to start with simpler ones like vanilla or caramel that won’t overshadow the pasta. The subtlety of these flavors allows the unique texture combination to shine.
  • How do you prevent the ice cream from melting too quickly on the pasta? Serve the pasta slightly cooler than usual and add the ice cream right before serving. This way, the ice cream melts slowly, creating a creamy sauce that coats the pasta without becoming too runny.
  • What beverages pair well with Dried Pasta with Ice Cream? Light and effervescent drinks like sparkling water with lemon or a glass of prosecco complement Dried Pasta with Ice Cream without overwhelming the palate.

As we draw the curtains on this culinary escapade, it’s my hope that you, the cherished readers of Foodies of New England, have found a spark of inspiration in the whimsical world of Dried Pasta with Ice Cream. This dish, a playful symphony of contrasts, stands as a testament to the boundless creativity that cooking affords us.

In the kitchens of our beloved New England, where tradition often meets innovation, we’ve journeyed together through the alchemy of combining the unexpected. It’s been a path paved with curiosity, where each forkful is an invitation to explore the delightful interplay between the creamy chill of ice cream and the tender warmth of pasta.

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